Update zum LIGHT Battery Konzept


Die LIGHT Battery hält Antworten für Schlüsselfragen der Elektromobilität bereit Das High-Tech Fluid Novec® dient als Kühl- und Heizmedium im innovativen Thermomanagement der LIGHT Battery. Es handelt sich hierbei um eine isolierende Flüssigkeit, welche bereits in einigen Hochleistungsanwendungen...

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Final Annual Figures 2017 for LION Smart GmbH and TÜV SÜD GmbH


Final HGB Annual Figures for LION Smart GmbH LION Smart GmbH closed the 2017 fiscal year with sales revenues of 1,307 TEUR (previous year: 2,386 TEUR) and an operating result of -824 TEUR (previous year: 388 TEUR). Net income changed from 260 TEUR in 2016 to -812 TEUR in 2017. As a result of inve...

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LION E-Mobility invests in eliso GmbH, the expert for charging infrastructure


The Stuttgart-based company handles the complete installation of charging stations for businesses and private individuals. Starting with the conceptual design, individual solutions for the charging infrastructure are planned and implemented together with the customer. The charging infrastructure is...

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Preliminary Yearly Figures 2017 of LION Smart GmbH


In the fiscal year 2017, LION Smart GmbH’s sales revenues changed from 1,974 TEUR in the previous year to 1,234 TEUR. The fiscal year concluded with an operating result of -805 TEUR (previous year: 356 TEUR). Net income changed from 218 TEUR in the previous year to -921 TEUR. Major investments in...

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Preliminary IFRS Annual Figures of TUEV SUED Battery Testing GmbH


Preliminary IFRS Annual Figures for TUEV SUED Battery Testing GmbH The TÜV SÜD Battery Testing GmbH joint venture was able to further increase its turnover by December 31, 2017: Compared to the previous year, sales increased by 39.8 % to 6,660 TEUR (previous year: 4,763 TEUR). The balance shee...

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Daniel Quinger, President of LION E-Mobility, speaker at the Battery Forum Germany


Daniel Quinger is taking part in this year’s congress of Battery Forum Germany and presents the concept of the Light Battery. The three-day congress will take place from 24-26 January 2018 in Berlin. On the 3rd day of the event, at 9:30 a.m., Daniel Quinger will present the topic “The Light Battery”...

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Daniel Quinger, President of LION E-Mobility, as speaker at the Global Sales Conference of Analog Devices / Linear Technology


As a long-standing partner of Analog Devices / Linear Technology, Daniel Quinger and Roland Bopp will be attending this year's Global Sales Conference from December 11-15, 2017. The conference brings together a wide range of executives, sales representatives and ADI's design partners to shar...

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LION E-Mobility invests in the Munich start-up ParkHere


ParkHere is a successful Munich-based start-up company that has set itself the goal of facilitating the search for parking spaces with sensors embedded in the ground. The ultra-thin, energy-autonomous ground sensors are installed in the parking areas and register when a car enters or leaves the park...

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First Details of the LION Smart LIGHT Battery Concept


Today, LION Smart GmbH is presenting details of the LION Battery concept to the public for the first time. By consistently pursuing the design philosophy of the Wireless BMS project, LION Smart is now able to present a battery that does not require the usual sense wiring for voltage and temperature...

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Daniel Quinger, President of LION E-Mobility, as speaker at the 3M expert forum "Fascination eMobility"


The second 3M expert forum "Fascination of eMobility" will take place in Neuss from 4 to 5 December 2017. The main focus of the presentations will be on battery development and electric drive. Among other things, innovative key technologies in the field of batteries, e-motors, fast charging and powe...

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